Agencies and sales companies

Subsidiaries, agencies and sales companies in:

Austria Finland Jordan Portugal Tunisia
Egypt France Kazakhstan Romania Turkey
Bahrain Macedonia Latvia Russia United  Arab Emirates / Saudia Arabia / Kuwait
Belgium Greece Lebanon Serbia United Kingdom
Bulgaria Hungary Lithunia Singapore USA
China Iceland Luxembourg Slovakia
Croatia Indonesia Netherlands Slowenia
Czech Republic Iran New Zealand Spain
Denmark Irland Norway Sweden
Estonia Italy Poland Switzerland

14.11.2018 | Press release
CENTROTEC maintains growth; full-year forecast confirmed
10.08.2018 | Press release
CENTROTEC confirms the full-year forecast following on-track revenue and earnings growth in first half

Press clipping

WOLF forging ahead with internationalisation, 30.05.2017,
Börse online, 03.09.2015,
German Article in Börse online, issue 35/2015, “Hier stimmt nicht nur das Klima“ Link zum Beitrag