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Environmentally sound heating technology using solar thermal

Solar thermal appliances also use solar energy to provide for heating. Environmentally sound heating is ideally achieved by combining solar thermal with biomass heating technology and a stratification cylinder. The advanced control technology provides for up to 2/3 of the heating output generated by solar energy.

>> Product information Solar collectors [PDF]
>> Product information Solar calorifier [PDF]        
>> Product information Swimming pool absorber [PDF]

>> Wolf solar system tested by the German "Stiftung Warentest" (only available in German) [PDF]

Controlled air supply and heating

Air heaters guarantee continuous agreeable temperature and furthermore filter indoor air of pollutants and allergic particles.

>> Product information air heaters [PDF]

Gas-fired condensing boiler centers

Condensing boiler appliances use the energy present in the flue gases and thereby achieve a utilisation ratio of up to 110 %. Condensing boiler technology is able to make use of virtually the entire energy content of the fuel, thus saving energy compared with conventional heating technology. Switching to condensing boiler technology particularly when existing heating systems are being modernised therefore makes a major contribution towards improving energy efficiency.

Product information Comfortline [PDF]

Oil-fired boilers

Modern oil fired boilers with condensing technology or low-temperature technology provide for very low levels of pollutants and burn almost entirely soot-free.

>> Product information Oil-fired boilers [PDF]

>> Wolf oil condensing boiler COB-20 tested by the German "Stiftung Warentest" (only available in German) [PDF]

Heat pumps

Heat pumps are suitable for providing both heating and hot water all-year-round by using the environment. The appliance uses the thermal energy stored in the environment, which is essentially based on solar energy. Using technological appliances this "natural heat" is then increased up to the requested temperature. With heat pumps 25 % electrical power suffice to generate 100 % thermal energy.

>> Product information Heat pumps [PDF]

Biomass heating technology

Biomass heating technology uses the renewable raw material wood. When wood is burned, the carbon released is the same amount as the amount the tree has drawn from the air as it grew. This means the burning has no impact on climate change. Thus, one is able to contribute to climate protection with an acceptable  financial and constructial effort, whilst at the same time disconnecting oneself from the price development on the world market.

>> Product information Wood gasification boiler [PDF]
>> Product information Wood pellet boiler [PDF]
>> Product information Solid fuel boiler [PDF]


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