Segment Gas Flue Systems

Ubiflex: lead-free sealing material

The new material made from environment-friendly plastics and an aluminium reinforcement substitutes poisonous lead in many applications. Ubiflex may be used everywhere, where hithero lead had to be used for sealing for example as skylights, dormer, photovoltaic systems or chimneys.

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Roof terminals

The product range includes systems for oil- or gasfired boilers with gas flue temperatures from 120ºC up till 250°C. The modular concept and the patented pressure balance means the combustion air flow as well the flue gas flow profiles are separated perfectly. The roof terminal is highly weather resistant and avoids the development of icicles in winter.


03.04.2014 | Ad hoc
Change on Management Board of CENTROTEC Sustainable AG
27.03.2014 | Press release
CENTROTEC increases net earnings by 7.5 %; slight growth in revenue and earnings expected for 2014