Segment Medical Technology & Engineering Plastics

Special cannulae for human medicine

All types and shapes of needles for human medicine made of any standard stainless steel or other material approved for medical application. Controllable probes are an example of a special type of needle we have developed and manufactured.
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Liquid Handling Systems/ HLPC

Very thin cannulae with special hydro-phobic or hydrophilic nanocoatings on the inside, e.g. for chemical analysis and urology. Special-type analytical needles with extremely smooth inner surfaces to allow exact dispensing of the smallest amounts of analytical samples. Heated analytical needles and heating blocks and various heating elements and assemblies.
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Peristaltic pumps

Peristaltic pumps have been a part of standard medical engineering equipment due to their delivery rate, controllability, reliability and hygenic cleanliness.
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Coating technology adds essential value to the product by its dirt- and waterrepellent properties, low friction coefficient and higher scratch resistance. Hydrophilic, conducting/ isolating, deco-rative or soft-feel coatings are available as well.
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03.04.2014 | Ad hoc
Change on Management Board of CENTROTEC Sustainable AG
27.03.2014 | Press release
CENTROTEC increases net earnings by 7.5 %; slight growth in revenue and earnings expected for 2014