Our vision for the future

Integrated systems with renewable energies

Forthcoming combined appliances from CENTROTEC will integrate different systems such as ventilation systems with heat recovery, boilers, heat pumps and solar technology and can be used for heating, cooling, climate control and hot water preparation. Comprehensive standardised control technology for all subsystems is the nerve centre of these integrated systems.

Comprehensive control technology

Wolf has developed a control system that interlinks all the modules of an integrated system, from solar module and heat pump to boiler and controlled ventilation with heat recovery. Brink is working on a modular system based on all the modules available within the CENTROTEC Group, where all the individually specified elements can communicate via a central control system for maximal energy-saving.


03.04.2014 | Ad hoc
Change on Management Board of CENTROTEC Sustainable AG
27.03.2014 | Press release
CENTROTEC increases net earnings by 7.5 %; slight growth in revenue and earnings expected for 2014