Business segments

  • Heating systems (gas & oil)
  • Renewable energies (solar thermal, heat pumps, bio- mass, biogas processing)
  • Combined heat & power (CHP)
  • Heat recovery ventilation
  • Air handling & ventilation
  • Exhaust systems for heating boilers
  • Air piping systems for heat recovery ventilation
  • Air & water tightness for sustainable construction
  • Medical technology equipment (neurosurgery, aesthetic, blood handling)
  • Medical technology compo- nents (cannulaes, HPLC)
  • Engineering plastics (semi- finished and engineered parts)

medimondi AG
The segment Medical Technology & Engineering Plastics is covered by subsidiary medimondi AG (not stock-listed).

Ventilation, climate control and heating with renewable energies will in future all be handled by a single system... ...
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Ubiflex is the solution – as flexible as lead, absolutely corrosion-proof, and environmentally sound… ...
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The modular KG-Top air conditioning units have been designed to conform to cutting-edge hygiene standards… ...
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14.11.2019 | Press release
CENTROTEC with continuing steady growth in revenue and earnings; German heating market unsettled by climate debate
18.09.2019 | Ad hoc
Public share buyback offer of Centrotec Sustainable AG successfully completed

Press clipping

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CO2-Steuer: die Vor- und Nachteile - CENTROTEC Sustainable AG übernimmt... Link zum Beitrag
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