The Management Board

Dr Thomas Kneip

Dr Thomas Kneip (b. 1971) has been a Management Board member of CENTROTEC SE since January 2014. Prior to joining the CENTROTEC Group, Kneip – a Business Administration graduate – acquired extensive management experience in the Finance and Strategy areas at Centrosolar and Siemens VDO. He also spent a number of years at McKinsey & Company as Senior Consultant and Project Manager. In addition to his position as Board Member for Strategy, Dr Kneip is responsible for the Climate Systems division. Since July 2016, he has also held the position of Managing Director of the Wolf Group, which comes under this division.

Bernhard Pawlik

Bernhard Pawlik (b. 1967) has been a Management Board member of CENTROTEC SE since April 2018. Before joining the CENTROTEC Group, the Industrial Engineering graduate gained many years of experience in various international management roles in the automotive supply and photovoltaics industries, including at Autoliv and Centrosolar. He focused strongly on the areas of project management, purchasing, production and quality. Alongside his function as Management Board member for Operations, Pawlik is responsible for the Gas Flue Systems area, in the management of which he has been involved since 2014.

Günther Wühr

Günther Wühr (b. 1960) has been Chief Financial Officer of CENTROTEC since April 2019. He joined the CENTROTEC Group in 2015, since when he has held management positions in the Finance and Controlling areas. A Business Administration graduate, he has many years of experience as an executive officer in the photovoltaics and biogas industries. Prior to that, Wühr held a business management position in the home technology sector for over 10 years. His activities in those roles focused on implementing efficient business processes in enterprises with a strong growth emphasis. From his previous work as an IT consultant in the ERP systems area he is able to offer a sound understanding of IT support for business processes. In addition to the Finance, Controlling and IT functional areas, Wühr represents the Medical Technology & Engineering Plastics segment on the Management Board.

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