The Supervisory Board

Guido A Krass [Chairman]

Guido A Krass (born 1957) is an industrial lawyer and entrepreneur who has been focussing on mediumsized, rapidly growing businesses with promising technologies since 1986. As a founder and important shareholder of CENTROTEC he is actively involved in terms of corporate strategy and HR development. He is able to call on a worldwide network of contacts in generating new business ideas, identifying interesting acquisition targets and increasing international growth in sales and production. CENTROTEC also benefits from his longstanding entrepreneurial activities and experience in the U.S.A. and in Asia.

Andreas Freiherr von Maltzan

Andreas Freiherr von Maltzan (born 1964), who has degrees in Business Administration and Communications, has held a range of senior positions in the media industry and since 2000 has operated as digital entrepreneur, founder and director of Cynobia GmbH, Munich. In the course of his entrepreneurial activities, Mr. von Maltzan has worked with numerous different media and internet community start-ups, involving renowned financial partners, and has supported a wide range of mergers & acquisitions transactions, restructurings and capital measures. The specialist areas of his entrepreneurial activities are big data, process mining, social media marketing and community building.

Christian C Pochtler

Christian C Pochtler, MA, (born 1952) has been sole proprietor and Managing Director of Pochtler Industrieholding GmbH, (iSi Group, Austria) since 1984, the world leader in the pressurised containers industry.

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