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CENTROTEC meets 2009 forecasts for revenue and earnings

Brilon, January 28, 2010 – According to provisional, unaudited figures, CENTROTEC Sustainable AG, Brilon, generated revenue of EUR 467 million in the 2009 financial year and therefore achieved in full the forecast of EUR 455 to 480 million that it made at the start of 2009. The past financial year, which was dominated by considerable cyclical and economic uncertainty, consequently saw CENTROTEC almost match the record revenue of 2008. This was by and large thanks to an increasingly marked growth trend towards the end of the year. The strategic segments (Climate and Gas Flue Systems) between them in fact achieved exactly the same figures as in the previous year.

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Forecast for 2010

Brilon, January 11, 2010 – CENTROTEC predicts growth in revenue to EUR 480 to 500 million for the 2010 financial year that is now under way, with an operating result (EBIT) of EUR 30 to 32 million (lower limit with an increase of approx. 11 to 20 % on the lower limit of the previous year’s forecast). Earnings per share (EPS) should receive a boost not just from the consistently healthy CENTROTEC result, but also from the investment result's return to comfortably positive territory since the second half of 2009, with this indicator expected to reach EUR 1.10 to 1.20 (approx. 30 to 40 % up on the lower limit for the 2009 forecast).

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Business results for first nine months of 2009

  • Consolidated revenue less than 5 % down on previous year's record figure
  • Operating results almost match peak of previous year
  • Net earnings in 3rd quarter already up on very strong prior-year quarter
  • Strategy and market position mean positive prospects for 2010

Brilon, November 6, 2009 – In the first three quarters of 2009 the CENTROTEC Group generated revenue of EUR 329.9 million, thus falling short of the previous year's record figures by just 4.9 % despite the difficult global economic situation.

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31% participating interest CENTROSOLAR resolves capital increase

Brilon, October 26, 2009 - CENTROSOLAR Group AG, Munich, in which CENTROTEC Sustainable AG holds a 30.8 % interest, resolved a capital increase from authorised capital on October 26. The share capital of the company will be increased from currently EUR 14.5 million by up to EUR 5.8 million to up to EUR 20.3 million against cash contributions.

The aggregate gross proceeds from the capital increase will amount to up to EUR 20 million. CENTROSOLAR Group AG intends to use the aggregate net proceeds of the issue to reduce its net debt and to finance growth. In particular, the Solar Integrated Systems business outside Germany and business for anti-reflective coated solar glass are to be stepped up.

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31% participating interest CENTROSOLAR confirms strategy with the best quarterly results in its corporate history

Brilon, October 19, 2009 - CENTROSOLAR Group AG, Munich, in which CENTROTEC Sustainable AG holds a 31 % interest, achieved the best result in its corporate history in the third quarter of 2009. The operating result for the quarter before interest and taxes (EBIT) of EUR 7.4 million was 45 % up on the previous best quarter of Q3/2008, which had been dominated by booming business in Spain. The EBIT margin also improved from 5.6 % in the prior-year quarter to 9.0 %, with the result that the negative non-recurring effects of the first half were made good within the space of just one calendar quarter and the full-year target of a positive EBITDA was achieved after only nine months.

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First-half results for 2009

  • Consolidated revenue slightly down on previous year due to economic crisis
  • Increased market share in important core markets
  • Non-recurring burden from CENTROSOLAR investment

Brilon, August 12, 2009 – The CENTROTEC Group posted revenue amounting to EUR 202.5 million for the first half of 2009; despite the most acute downturn in recent decades in industrial production worldwide, this was just 5.2 % below the record figure for the corresponding prior-year period (EUR 213.7 million).

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31 % participating interest CENTROSOLAR pulls out of solar cell manufacturing joint venture

Brilon, August 3, 2009 – The negotiations on the continuation of the joint venture Itarion, established by CENTROSOLAR Group AG, Munich, in conjunction with Qimonda AG, with the aim of manufacturing solar cells in Portugal, were halted on July 31, 2009. Following the bankruptcy of Qimonda in January 2009, CENTROSOLAR had entered into negotiations with a Portuguese industrial consortium with a view to the latter taking on Qimonda's interest in the joint venture. However, the latest solution discussed with the consortium entailed excessive risks and necessitated a much greater involvement of CENTROSOLAR in the operating side of the business than in the concept originally agreed, with the result that no workable, viable concept could be found.

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First-quarter results for 2009 CENTROTEC consolidated revenue slightly down on prior-year level, positive performance in core markets

Brilon, May 14, 2009 – CENTROTEC Sustainable AG, Brilon, posted consolidated revenue of EUR 96.7 million (previous year EUR 100.3 million) for the first quarter of 2009. This represented a fall of just 3.5 % on the record level of the corresponding prior year period, despite the extremely challenging economic environment. This positive performance in light of the economic circumstances and the harsh winter is attributable in particular to sales in the core market Germany, in the principal segments Climate Systems and Gas Flue Systems. The Climate Systems segment, which contributes easily the largest portion of revenue, posted 4.4 % revenue growth to EUR 66.0 million.

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Business figures for 2008 and outlook for 2009 CENTROTEC: prospects remain positive after record-breaking 2008

Brilon, March 26, 2009 – CENTROTEC Sustainable AG, Brilon, successfully completed the 2008 financial year with record revenue and earnings, in the process easily bettering the revenue forecasts that had already been upgraded in the course of the year. All three segments of the CENTROTEC Group contributed towards this rise in revenue though their profitable organic growth. The biggest driving forces behind growth were systems designed to use renewable energies, most particularly solar thermal and heat pumps, residential ventilation systems with heat recovery, energy-efficient condensing technology and gas flue systems for condensing boilers.

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Forecast for 2008 met, business to hold steady in 2009 amid difficult market conditions

Brilon, January 28, 2009 – On the basis of provisional, unaudited figures CENTROTEC Sustainable AG, Brilon, increased its revenue substantially to around EUR 476 million in the past financial year. With organic growth reaching 17 %, even the forecast revised upwards in-year was thus exceeded. Alongside strong growth in the core markets Germany and the Netherlands, this was attributable to substantial product-end growth for energy-efficient condensing boiler systems as well as for renewable energy systems, and more specifically solar thermal systems. The operating result (EBIT) is within the forecast bandwidth of EUR 32 to 34 million. The earnings per share (EPS) target of EUR 1.10 is expected to be achieved.

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