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Revenue and earnings growth continues – full-year forecast confirmed

Brilon, November 14, 2016: The CENTROTEC Group maintained its organic growth in the third quarter and increased its revenue by 2.4% compared with the prior-year period, to EUR 151.9 million (previous year EUR 148.4 million). Taking into account the Croatian subsidiary PRO-KLIMA, which was only included in consolidation from mid-2015, revenue for the first nine months of the current financial year rose by 4.7% to EUR 415.7 million (previous year EUR 396.9 million). All three segments posted higher revenue both in the quarter under review and cumulatively for the first three quarters.

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Revenue and earnings increased according to plan

Brilon, August 11, 2016: The first half of 2016 year saw the CENTROTEC Group increase its revenue by 6.2 % to EUR 263.9 million (previous year EUR 248.5 million). Organic growth, to which all three corporate segments contributed, amounted to 3.0 percent. Growth was slightly stronger in the second quarter than in the opening three months of the year. The first-half operating result at EBITDA level was up 2.7 % at EUR 20.3 million (previous year EUR 19.8 million). As a result of slightly higher depreciation and amortisation, EBIT was up 1.5 % at EUR 8.6 million (previous year EUR 8.4 million). The elevated reference figure for the previous year as a result of positive foreign exchange effects meant that the group’s earnings growth was generated in the second quarter. Constant net interest and a slightly lower effective tax rate led to first-half earnings per share of EUR 0.23 (previous year EUR 0.23).

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Slight revenue growth achieved in weak market environment

Brilon, May 10, 2016: In the first three months of the 2016 financial year the CENTROTEC Group increased its revenue by 4.0 % to EUR 125.8 million (previous year EUR 120.9 million). All three segments contributed towards this growth. Organic growth came to 0.9 %. The operating result (EBITDA) for the group of EUR 8.8 million was 10 % below the elevated prior-year figure (EUR 9.8 million), which had included EUR 1.3 million from foreign exchange gains. The slight increase in depreciation and amortisation produced an EBIT at group level of EUR 3.0 million (previous year EUR 4.2 million). Organically and before foreign exchange effects, EBIT came to EUR 2.7 million (previous year EUR 2.9 million). A slightly reduced interest burden and a higher effective tax rate produced earnings per share of EUR 0.05 (previous year EUR 0.11).

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Revenue and earnings up slightly year on year – cautiously optimistic outlook for 2016

Brilon, March 22, 2016: CENTROTEC Sustainable AG, Brilon, increased its revenue by 3.6 % in the 2015 financial year, taking the total to EUR 549.8 million (previous year EUR 530.5 million). The operating result (EBIT) rose by the same rate to EUR 32.1 million (previous year EUR 31.0 million). The reduced interest expense and a lower effective tax rate yielded improved earnings per share (EPS) of EUR 1.18 (previous year EUR 1.00). The shareholders are to participate in this development and in the further-improved financial structure through an increased dividend of EUR 0.25 (previous year EUR 0.20).

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CENTROTEC with slight growth in revenue and earnings – outlook for 2016 cautiously optimistic

Brilon, January 28, 2016: CENTROTEC Sustainable AG, Brilon, generated revenue of EUR 548 million in the 2015 financial year (unaudited, previous year EUR 530.5 million). This slightly betters the most recent forecast of a corridor of EUR 540 to 545 million. Based on the provisional unaudited calculations, the prior-year level of the operating result (EBIT) of EUR 31.0 million will likewise be just exceeded.

CENTROTEC expects the mild growth trend to continue in the 2016 financial year. A steady development in the core market Germany and growth in most international markets in Europe are taking shape. We base this forecast on a fundamentally positive development of the overall economic and regulatory environment. The development in energy prices is difficult to forecast.

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CENTROTEC revenue and earnings remain up on previous year; forecast for 2nd half confirmed

Brilon, August 13, 2015: CENTROTEC Sustainable AG, Brilon, achieved revenue growth of 1.8 % in the first half of 2015, taking the global figure to EUR 248.5 million (previous year EUR 244.2 million). All segments contributed to the 2.3 % revenue growth in the second quarter. The operating result (EBIT) rose from EUR 5.6 million to EUR 8.4 million in the first six months. While the profit performance benefited from non-recurring effects in the first quarter, the EBIT operating result of EUR 4.3 million for the second quarter was slightly up on the prior-year figure. Further improvements to net interest and the effective tax rate produced an overproportional rise in earnings per share (EPS) to EUR 0.23 (previous year EUR 0.12) for the first half.

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CENTROTEC revenue and earnings up on previous year; forecast confirmed

Brilon, May 13, 2015: CENTROTEC Sustainable AG, Brilon, achieved revenue growth of 1.2 % in the first quarter of 2015, taking it to EUR 120.9 million (previous year EUR 119.5 million). The operating result (EBIT) was increased from EUR 1.8 million to EUR 4.2 million. This figure benefited from positive exchange effects worth EUR 1.4 million. The prior-year figure moreover included negative non-recurring effects amounting to EUR 1.0 million. In addition, improvements to the interest result and effective tax rate boosted earnings per share (EPS) to EUR 0.11 (previous year EUR 0.02).

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CENTROTEC confirms provisional revenue and earnings figures; steady revenue and earnings performance forecast for 2015

Brilon, March 26, 2015: CENTROTEC Sustainable AG, Brilon, achieved revenue growth of 1.0 % in the 2014 financial year, taking it to EUR 530.5 million (previous year EUR 525.4 million). By contrast, the operating result (EBIT) of EUR 31.0 million was 13.1 % down on the prior-year figure of EUR 35.7 million. The company is thus able to confirm the provisional figures announced in January. It achieved earnings per share (EPS) of EUR 1.00 (previous year EUR 1.40). However thanks to a further improvement in the financial position, the dividend level of EUR 0.20 per share is to be maintained at the same level as in the previous year.

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CENTROTEC subsidiary acquires Croatian climate control and ventilation equipment manufacturer PRO-KLIMA

Brilon, March 11, 2015: Wolf, the heating and climate control technology specialist that is a member company of CENTROTEC Sustainable AG, is taking over the Croatian climate control and ventilation equipment manufacturer PRO-KLIMA d.o.o.. This company, based in Samobor near Zagreb, is market leader in Croatia and also exports 55 percent of its production to neighbouring countries in Southeast Europe, in particular to Russia, Germany and Austria. PRO-KLIMA generated revenue of around EUR 13 million last year. The acquisition gives CENTROTEC access to a market in which it has hitherto had only a minor presence. In addition PRO-KLIMA’s highly versatile, Eurovent-certified range of climate control equipment ideally complements the group’s existing product portfolio. The purchase is scheduled for completion in the second quarter of this year. It was agreed not to disclose the purchase price.

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2014 revenue target achieved amid continuing weak market environment; EBIT of just under EUR 31 million expected

Brilon, January 30, 2015: According to provisional calculations CENTROTEC Sustainable AG, Brilon, expects to achieve its revenue target for 2014 with consolidated revenue reaching around EUR 531 million. The continuing weak performance of most markets in the fourth quarter of the year and the development of the Russian rouble, which diminished the result (EBIT) by over one million euros, are likely to cause the previous earnings forecast to be narrowly missed at just under EUR 31 million.

CENTROTEC does not expect any significant easing of the unsatisfactory environment in the current 2015 financial year.

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